Monday Weekly

Plans for a week: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Forums to Attend, DAO Club Meetups


As May is bringing us closer to the summer, we continue seeking for breakthrough exchange token sales that enrich the blockchain industry with new projects, as well as the key industrial events, no matter where they take place.

European week: Malta, Ireland, Monaco

This week is eventful. On 23-24 May, the world capital of blockchain will be temporarily located in Malta. This small yet extremely active European state is the real “blockchain island” that contributes a lot to the future of cryptocurrency. For now, Malta is hosting the AI and Blockchain Summit.

Prepare to listen to the actual visioners on this top-tier conference: prime minister of Malta Joseph Muscat (who praised Bitcoin in his notable speech in the United Nations last year), along with Bobby Lee, evangelist Roger Ver, Tim Draper, Brock Pierce, and other celebrities.

Meanwhile, from May 24 to 31 another island state, Ireland, will conduct the Ireland Blockchain Week, the largest venue for the national industry. The entire week to get into depths of blockchain industry ― that is a precious opportunity. Check the busy schedule on the official website.

Next, move to Monaco, world capital of wealth, to know how to grow a fortune using cryptocurrency. Topics around this opportunity will be discussed on the Monaco Blockchain Conference, which will take place on May 31. The forum will gather speakers from “some of the most successful blockchain funds in the world”, who will debate on investments, capital raising, regulations, market making and market entry for institutional funds.

Token sales to pursue: check Bittrex, Huobi, and Binance

More Initial Exchange Offerings will occur this week on some leading trading platforms.

On May 22, the Huobi crypto exchange will launch the IEO of Reserve Protocol, a stablecoin designed to help protect people against hyperinflation that also enables people to protect and use their money globally.

The same day, the IEO of the Vodi X project will conclude on the Bittrex exchange. It is a working mobile platform with over 5 million users for different kinds of transfers. Besides remittances, it allows to make affordable international calls, donate for charity, or share visual content.

The community has high expectations from Binance and its partner called Harmony, which is planning to jointly conduct an IEO on May 28. This project is addressing the scalability issue with the sharding approach and peer-to-peer networking. As a result, the team builds up “a revolutionary high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus” platform.

And don’t forget about our DAO Club! Next meetup is scheduled for Thursday, May 23. We will invite experts for the deep analysis of the IEO startups and explain members of the club some topics they selected for the consideration.