Newconomy Global Media Project Has Launched the DAO Club and Announced New Token Name


What we were talking about for so many months has come true: has created its DAO club! The site, made on the basis of Aragon service, is fully ready to receive the first visitors. You can get to the platform only through registration in the Metamask service. After registering with the Metamask service, the user gets an ETH wallet, where the tokens are delivered. After all the manipulations and tokens accruals, you will have the right to vote in polls within the system.

Let’s get acquainted

But first things first. If you still do not know anything about our new project, it’s time to get to know us closer. So, our DAO is a kind of business club. Club of like-minded people and crypto-enthusiasts. This is a unique media project supported by the global community, a part of its business network.

Newconomy is a media project of a new formation that does not have a territorial attribute, holding live broadcasts with the participation of the main actors of the blockchain universe, supplying its audience with the most relevant and fresh news and analytics related to cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and high technologies. Newconomy also holds an annual global online conference covering the most important topics and challenges facing the cryptocurrency world.

Our club is a real DAO project – a decentralized, open source, fully autonomous. Each member of this community has the opportunity to participate in its management, which is carried out by voting. Anyone can become a member. Each new member of DAO has a set of tokens at his / her disposal and, with them, the right to participate in community life. For the contribution to the development of the organization, additional coins are awarded.

Tokenomics and Renaming

We would like to clarify one important point. Previously, our tokens were called NCM. However,  from the moment of launch, they will be called differently – DCM, abbreviated from This renaming is due to a number of reasons, the main of which is the better recognition of the new abbreviation and reference to the DAO`s founder

Each newly registered member receives 100 DCM tokens to his / her account. If a participant is highly active in the community, which is monitored by the system – votes, participates in discussions or otherwise contributes to the development of the ecosystem – the DAO rewards him with an additional hundred tokens. An awarding takes place every week. Projects and individual users who make a significant contribution to the life of the DAO receive 1000 tokens immediately.

Why do the DAO club members need tokens? First of all, to be able to influence the decisions made by the community. For example, by voting, the composition of the participants of the next stream is determined, which leading companies will receive the right to tell about themselves at a conference or during weekly meetings, and a number of other important things.

However, in the future, DAO tokens will be not only a tool of influence but also a valuable means of payment. As soon as DCM is entered into cryptocurrency exchanges listings, these coins will acquire real value and it will be possible to trade and exchange them. Further appreciation will depend on the scale of growth of the DAO ecosystem.

In fact, members of the DAO network have a direct impact on the tokens rise in the cost, actively participating in the life and developing of the community.

Do not hesitate for a long time, be proactive and register on the DAO platform! With us, you will always be aware of the latest developments and trends in the crypto industry. The most active participants always receive a reward, and ultimately, in a system like our DAO, everyone wins. The more members the DAO has, the more objective and broad is the picture we see, the more opportunities we have, and the more good luck finally comes into our lives.