Neuromachine: ICO Review

Neuromachine: ICO Review


ICO, STO and IEO launches are hugely commonplace in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Many promises are made – of technological breakthroughs, new financial and social models – yet little is actually delivered. Therefore it is often a welcome surprise when a project actually does.

Neuromachine – Accessible Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Neuromachine (NRM) is aiming to create a complete cryptocurrency platform for users, combining social, signals, trading academy, live tracking, developer tools, neurotrading and asset management within one ecosystem. Utilizing machine learning and neural networks (AI), NRM is able to offer an evolving, complete suite of essential tools.

Artificial intelligence, based on neural networks and built using the latest algorithms of self-learning, analysis, and comparison of self-corrected neurons, create a unique and technological advanced crypto-platform.

Team and Roadmap

As many will know, a project is only as good as the team behind it; and Neuromachine’s is exemplary. CEO Valentin Korsunsky leads an experienced team of developers, analysts and legal experts. The project has met all deadlines to date. 2019 sees the start of NRM’s neural network training.


With less than 1% of the world’s population owning any cryptocurrency – the NRM team are driven in creating a decentralized analytical ecosystem, providing a ‘comprehensive solution assistant’ and increasing accessibility and access to the new digital ecosystem. Both beginners and professionals are able to tailor the platform’s information for their use cases.

An internal NRM store allows independent developers to monetize their own modules through proprietary tools, for combined B2C & B2B ecosystems.

Business Model

Three main components make up Neuromachine’s business model:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Services through platform
  3. Native token to ‘fuel’ uncommon features

Utilizing a trifecta of potential business income reduces the risks associated with purely token-reliant startups. Moreover, the success of the platform will be closely correlated to its ability to generate revenue; something which is more likely with subscription and service-based products.

Further Information

For further details about Neuromachine and their upcoming ICO, make sure to visit their web-site.

The opinions in this article do not constitute as investment advice. Due diligence should always be applied when researching cryptocurrency and traditional startups.