Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups

by Anna Gorman
Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups

The crypto field is constantly changing with the rocket speed, and new listing rules accompany new IEOs. Community is gathering to change fintech industries and discuss such complex issues, as ethics in high tech.


Ethereal summit will add a broader perspective of blockchain applications 

With the major blockchain forum Consensus 2019 and Consensus Hackathon approaching the horizon (May 11, 13-15), it is easy to miss other vibrant events of this week, that will start with fintech events. Yet, Trading Show Chicago 2019 will cover ‚Äúvarious crypto exchange networks, custodianship, tapping into the market inefficiencies, crypto havens, datafeeds, and the future of this market‚ÄĚ. Speakers from such companies as Genesis Global Trading, Consensys and Vaneck are invited to help innovative traders get a piece of the crypto pie and navigate in the world of AI and blockchain.

On May, 7-8 Singapore is hosting the 3rd annual Blockchain for Finance conference, where for example the representative of the major bank HSBC will share their internal blockchain team progress. Almost on the same days, May 8-9, Lima Fintech Forum will cover fintech market challenges in the developing markets in Peru. Furthermore, on May, 9 co-founder of Ethereum Joe Lubin, co-founder of Wyoming Blockchain Coalition Caitlin Long, co-founder of Morgan Greek Digital Anthony Pompliano and other leaders from finance and blockchain industries are speaking at Fluidity 2019 Summit, that is focused on rebuilding finance.

But this week is not only about finance ‚Äď Ethereal summit will continue their ‚Äútradition of championing those building the infrastructure and applications driving blockchain tech‚ÄĚ on May, 10-11 in New York. The cultural and humanistic aspects will be covered in discussions over Blockchain Art, local impact of global initiatives and ethics of operating the newest tech. Additionally, cryptographic professionals will have an opportunity to gather next Tuesday in Canada, for the 17th annual International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC19).

This Monday and Thursday DAO Club along with commenting on the latest market news is sharing the results of crypto wallets research, where experts will provide insights on how support works at several wallet providers.


Huobi and KuCoin  are experimenting with IEO rules, new projects are trying to solve blockchain scalability issues and eliminating a need for middleman in different industries.

While some experts highlight that exchanges are switching to prioritize IEO, others put more attention to policy risks and the potential decline of the IEO industry. But so far there are no signs of decline and this week Huobi is launching an ultra-fast version of the Huobi Prime ‚Äď ¬†Prime Lite.

The first project with new listing rules¬†will be the IEO of ThunderCore. According to Huobi Group‚Äôs head of marketing Ross Zhang, ‚Äúso far both Prime offerings promptly sold out, exchanging 3.5 billion startup tokens for Huobi‚Äôs native token‚ÄĚ, therefore the 9th May IEO offering from the blockchain scalability solution ThunderCore is gathering an immediate attention.

KuCoin will launch the next round of the Spotlight token sale with Trias that follow a new lottery format, as opposed to previously used and controversial first come first serve. The expectations for this IEO can no be compared with the previous one, but the team is still building all in one platform for new generation public chain.

Seems to be IEO factory, ¬†the platform, is launching GoWithMe, that aims to create a distributed map network for everyone’s benefits and supports multi-chain. Less known p2pb2b launchpad is up for the round for Evedo IEO today and for Gexan in 5 days. Evedo is eliminating the need of middleman in the event industry by creating the ecosystem designed for organizing various events and selling or buying tickets without commissions on blockchain and Gexan is bringing transparency to the lottery market.

Stay tuned and join DAO Club meetups to learn more about the latest IEO projects and upcoming events!

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