Monday Weekly

Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Conferences, DAO Club Meetups


The growth of Bitcoin price makes major events even more vibrant. And this week the visitors of big conferences might indeed bring even more optimism to the blockchain market. The IEO field is becoming more mature every week with experienced launchpads introducing new rules and new exchanges trying to follow.

Events: Consensus 2019 is expected to attract thousands of participants, the diversity becomes a focus, conferences continue to build bridges for wider technology adoption

This weeks starts with major blockchain forum Consensus 2019 that last year had attracted more than 8000 visitors from all over the world. At the same time the technical conference Construct invites software developers to engage in the state-of-the-art discussions at the ecosystem with diversity at its core. The organizers highlight the opportunities for people new to software development in the field and promise to provide with ”tools and frameworks available in the blockchain space” at the annual gathering.

The diversity topic is peaking up in all over the world. Women developers, business executives and blockchain community members are welcome on the seminar Blockchain Workshop Geared for Women. The Chicago Universities Blockchain Summit invites industry experts to “educate students about the inherent value of cryptocurrencies, foster discussion regarding latest developments and emerging trends, and connect young pioneers with professionals in the space”. Berlin is in the process of bridging the gap between East and West during the Asia Pacific Week Berlin 2019, in particular at the Longhash Cryptocon Vol.2 (May 17-19).

As for the connection between blockchain world and all other worlds, on Wednesday Digital Asset Summit in New York will once again make an attempt to “bridge the gap between the legacy financial system and the nascent world of digital assets. The conference “designed with the financial market and investment professionals in mind” will be attended by representatives of such financial giants as Barclays or CitiBank. But that is not all for Wednesday, as at the same day in the other part of the world, in London, the biggest RegTech conference will address the regulatory issues and connect decision-makers in the public sector and innovative tech providers.

Traders might be interested in Tuesday Bitcoin Live, which is hosting trader Peter Brandt and crypto economist Tuur Demeester for the Fireside Chat. The experts will share their view on the current growth in prices and answer such popular questions as why classical charting works in crypto world. The fourth Token Summit, the conference that explores the Token-Based Economy is scheduled for the May 16.

This Monday DAO Club along with commenting on the latest market news, as WeChat ban on crypto transactions, the hacker attack on Binance and PepsiCo steps into blockchain world, is providing with analytics on growing BTC prices and continue to bring the crypto starts. On Thursday DAO Club has invited the founder and CEO of BlockGlobe and strong advocate of blockchain technology, Jenny Yang. Do not miss the opportunity to vote and choose the next guests!

IEOs: New IEOs rules will be introduced with TRIAS token sale on KuCoin and with the second token sale event on OKEx exchange to allow wider participation

This Monday KuCoin launches the token sale with Trias that follow a new lottery format, as opposed to previously used and controversial first come first serve. The Trias team is building full-stack decentralized trusted cloud and ecosystem for all-scale, general-purpose and enterprise-ready applications. Last week developers announced the launch in Tokyo, that they plan to use “as the first stronghold”.

OKEx exchange is launching the second token sale with ALLIVE on OK Jumpstart  on May 16. The first token sale was sold out in seconds, therefore the team has updated the rules to allow wider participation. ALLIVE team is building the blockchain solution for healthcare ecosystem that includes the encrypted self-perfecting health profiles for individuals, integrated full-process healthcare services and artificial intelligence module. The developers believe that the ecosystem will help to transition evidence-based medicine to personalized healthcare and help individuals to have a healthier life. Mainnet launch is scheduled for the end of the year.

Less known STEX exchange is launching their first token sales for AZ FundChain, the blockchain money circle and crowdfunding application focused on households and small enterprises, that will be held from May 15 to May 20. Almost every week new exchanges step into the IEO field, learning from first-movers and making the market more competitive and therefore more sustainable.

Apart from discussing the IEOs of the weeks DAO Club is starting to share knowledge on how to launch a successful IEO, including such topics as the smart contract deployment on Constantinople platform. Stay tuned and join DAO Club meetups to learn more about the latest IEO projects!