Market Challenge recap: The Community Casts the Vote

“Market Challenge” Day 3 Recap: the Community Voting Results


Yesterday was the final day of our Market Challenge, packed full of enlightening, challenging and interesting conversations.

We began with an interview with Alex Kurashenko advisor of Ultrafund. Our speaker covered how digital investments can now be raised across significant international jurisdictions (for example Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and Moscow). Demand-based vetted investment networks, such as Ultrafund, provide key access to capital liquidity.

Over $81 billion was invested by Venture Capitalists into startups last year alone. Despite this, only 1% of all companies receive these capital injections – Ultrafund aims to change this. By providing integral legislative experience and expertise of Chinese business, truly global fundraising models are possible.

Next, we interviewed  Austin Kimm of Crypterium, followed by Vitaly Mzakov from Kaspersky. Austin elegantly spoke about how for cryptocurrencies to have true value, they need to be truly usable (i.e. spendable!). As a result of a successful 2017 ICO, Crypterium are currently building a ‘crypto bank’ – already launching the first global crypto card. They are well on their way to achieving their ultimate goal: usable, spendable digital currencies.

Vitaly then gave us all a fantastic insight into the world of cyber security and crime, discussing Kaspersky’s efforts in developing cyber defenses for their global customer base. Working with emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, the company has successfully used their expertise to highlight potential code vulnerabilities in smart contracts, which can lead to cyber attacks.

Vitaly sees a future whereby the continued evolution and adoption of blockchain technology will require increased online security measures, mirroring the protection now necessary with any internet connected device.

Last (and by no means least!) we were joined by marketing executive Jay Hong (from Bitpax) and CEO Alexander from Altergaite. Jay led us through their cross-pocket, multi-platform service that can hold various digital assets; targeting a global market. Addressing current incompatibility (lack of interoperability) between 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation blockchain networks, Bitpax aims to provide vital commercial interoperable digital services.

Alexander tied our week up with a fascinating sneak-peak of high-class crypto wealth management with Altergaite. Currently searching for new and innovative AI/Fintech projects, Altergaite is fully embracing the system-change being experienced throughout the global community.

Voting Results

We would be remiss to not include the voting results. It was tight. It was tense. But we can reveal the final results now… The community made its choice and according to the results of the voting Grand prizes go Acryl, Eqwity and Neuromachine.

We also defined the leaders in each of the 5 categories


To be precisely accurate with facts and figures we also defined 3 best performing projects in each category



And of course, we didn’t forget our promise to reward those of you who participated in the voting and guessed all 5 winning projects, that were ranked #1 by the experts and the community. Unfortunately, none of the voters guessed all 5 projects correctly, but nonetheless, we decided to reward those who guessed 4 projects in 5 categories. These 37 blockchain heroes and active community members will receive the instructions on how to request their prizes via e-mail.  37 lucky and far-seeing enthusiasts will get premium accounts on Neironix scoring platform and participate in the airdrop of BTT tokens which will be performed on Huobi exchange platform.

Congratulations! You are awesome.


And there we have it! It seems like our Market Challenge: Battle of the Top 50 Companies is over before it began. We’ve loved hosting our speakers, and engaging with you, our readers and viewers, through your votes and your comments. Although it is the end of our conference, make sure to check back for more articles and investigations on the topics we’ve covered.

Meanwhile, this is not the very end of the story, rather a big start for all of us, because as you may remember, during the closing part of the conference we announced the creation of experimental DAO (decentralized community based on a smart-contract, that is governed by its members and generates value for all the participants). As a self-governed decentralized community, we will also have our own NewConomy token. Newconomy token (NCM) will be issued on two blockchains: Ethereum and EOS.

All you need to do in order to get your tokens and become a member of Newconomy DAO is to follow these instructions:

Watch our final video report with the best moments of the “Market Challenge” conference and don’t forget to share your impressions with us in comments.

We can’t wait to see you again! Next broadcast is on Thursday, stay tuned!