How AI-powered Rating System Will Help to Define the Leaders of High-tech Market

How AI-powered Rating System Will Help to Define the Leaders of High-tech Market


This month the community, experts and AI will define the leaders of the new economy in the course of the event “Market challenge: Battle of TOP-50 companies”. The competition is powered by the and Neironix rating agency in partnership with Huobi exchange, Kaspersky Lab, Crypterium, Altergate fund and Bitpax company.

The goal of the “Battle of TOP-50 companies” is to create a closer link between community, market experts, investors and strong companies, that are ready to be challenged. The Neironix rating agency project manager, Ikrom Irgashev, has shared why the “Market challenge” battle will be useful for the community at this moment:

“Сиrrently the market experiences the strong decline of the interest to ICO and STO projects. To a greater extent, this decline is caused by the bearish market behavior and a vast number of projects proved to be incapable to realize their ideas, or proved to be a scam. By organizing “Market challenge: Battle of TOP-50 companies”, we aim to bring community and investors’ attention to those promising ICO/STO projects, that really can impact the future of cryptocurrency market and make a real difference”

The Neironix AI-based algorithm with no less than 75 key dynamic indicators will be leveraged during the first stage of forming the rating of TOP-50 companies, explains the rating agency project manager:

“Projects will be assessed with three different methods, and the final rating will take all these scores into account. We see it as the most optimal way because the assessment will be based not only on subjective opinions but also on our AI-based scoring algorithm. The international standard ISO 31000 – 2018 (E) will serve as the fundament for investment risk evaluation. Everyone can have a closer look at the detailed description of our rating mechanism on our webpage

The event will reach the culmination during the “Market challenge” global online conference scheduled for March 26th-28th. The winners among the best blockchain platforms, financial services provides, AI services, crypto mining services and VR-services will present their business cases, engaging in the dialog with the community and market experts, that will share their expertise and evaluate the companies, while partners will reward not only the winners, but also community members.

Visit “Market Challenge” conference website, cast your vote and get your prize!