Have a Miner? Let This Company Take Care of It


After a long winter, the cryptocurrency market shows signs of a recovery, and so does the crypto mining business as well. Recently, the media reported that the world’s largest manufacturer of mining machines, Bitmain, is planning to deploy 200,000 mining units in China, a long-term investment worth $80 million.

The difficulty of producing Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies permanently rises, so the mining hardware needs to be updated as well. Combined with the volatile crypto market it makes the crypto mining a hard race for the profit. The solo mining has long passed, being replaced by the huge industrial-level data centers.

A Russian operator of the crypto mining rigs BitCluster was founded in 2017 and, as its representative Tatiana Arestova says, has been serving a gateway to the mining area for novices:

“Our client is basically a person who wants to mine cryptocurrency and get a profit, but has no idea how to do it or lacks a proper space to deploy his machines. And then we show up, organizing all the process”

The company owns several data centers across the country that are specifically equipped for the miners. One center, located in the Siberian city Bratsk, is connected to the 120 MW energy source and may accommodate up to 80,000 devices.

Bitcluster helps a client who wishes to invest in the mining business to purchase equipment and deliver it to the data center, where all the hardware is hosted. Based on the hosting plan, a client chooses a program of payouts.

Arestova underlines that such a turnkey solution is designed for individuals with a high income, who own dozens of mining machines but do not want to maintain equipment by themselves.

Now, with the streamlined process and a stable clientele, Bitcluster is planning to conquer the global market, promoting cheap energy cost as a universal advantage. Additionally, the company is developing software for a more efficient mining operation.

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