From “Smart Escrow” to Crypto Exchange: a Story of One Blockchain Company

From “Smart Escrow” to Crypto Exchange: a Story of One Blockchain Company


At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin started to rise sharply. It was followed by the longest-ever bull run that turned over the entire cryptocurrency market and triggered the “crypto fever”. Cryptocurrency market was flooded with the investment, and the new funding procedure called Initial Coin Offering (ICO) conquered the market.

The era of ICO lasted much longer than the “bull rally”. In the absence of regulation and control, a cryptocurrency market had attracted a lot of dishonest entrepreneurs who started using an ICO as a tool for theft of funds.

Back in January 2018, the creator of Ethereum network Vitalik Buterin suggested a concept of the DAICO, which has later become a universal standard. This concept assumed that to avoid fraud, investment is transferred from an investor to a project’s team through a smart contract after the fulfillment of a certain roadmap stage.

But before the DAICO, an Estonian-based company called Como Capital offered the smart-contract as a way of avoiding impostors. The smart contract, dubbed Smart Escrow, was an appropriate move for the market, says CEO Como Capital Pavel Osokin:

“Smart Escrow was in the right place at the right time. When the number of scams exceeded all conceivable limits, the platform offered a way out. Those who wanted to use it were found immediately, and DAICO’s presentation by Buterin showed that the direction was chosen with surgical precision”.

Even if escrow-contract as technology hasn’t become a wide-spread instrument across the crypto market to the date, Como Capital continued its way ahead. They developed a suite of software solutions for the blockchain industry that they distribute according to the White label model.

This list includes: a blockchain wallet, a crypto investment fund, a platform for trading binary options for cryptocurrencies and tokens, along with a crowdfunding service.

The crypto investment fund is now integrated with different mainstream blockchain networks and all fiat payment systems like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The core software allows clients to set up different strategies.

Then appeared a crypto storage running on the proprietary Como Capital’ nodes, which provides an opportunity to keep many cryptocurrencies securely. Funds, required for writing a book or making a movie, can be raised now via the Como Capital crowdfunding platform using an ICO procedure.   

Besides software development, the firm also provides different business services, including ICO consulting, legal support, human resources, and marketing.

Today, the main project of the Como Capital is Liqnet crypto exchange. Its main feature is a trading platform that aggregates liquidity from various platforms, thus unifying users and their trading orders in a single order book with the best market depth and prices.

This feature is realized thanks to the Liquidity Exchange Network (LEN). This mechanism allows collecting and aggregating orders through APIs of different exchanges. As a result, users get an ultimate order book with orders relayed from other platforms.

Taking into account the past misfortunes of a crypto market The Como Capital targeted at making its Liqnet exchange a transparent and regulated platform, working in utter compliance with the EU laws. In September 2018, the project finally obtained three licenses from the EU regulator for the different types of Liqnet’s activity : for exchanging virtual currencies to fiat; providing a crypto wallet service; a financial institution license.

In addition to the LEN, Liqnet includes a professional web trading terminal, a crypto storage system and a background clearing system. With Metatrader5 being also integrated, the Como Capital’s project is now ready for major trading.