Business Showcase: CPAExchange Builds a Breakthrough Transparent Advertising Service


Recently Newconomy media contacted the team of the advertising platform dubbed CPAExchange, which is targeting at becoming a “universal gateway” between the business community and advertisers and asked them to reveal main principles that define their breakthrough business solution.

What is the main idea behind the project?

The main idea of CPAExchange platform is to be a universal gateway for customer and supplier of advertisement with the payment for the efficient result. We want our platform to become a traffic exchange, where “traders” pay for an action.

When was your project launched?

Our project was launched in 2015.

How does it work?

A customer fills in the application on our website. If the platform can manage the task, we prepare required documents, specify details and start an advertising campaign after customization, and a customer evaluates first clients attracted by our ads. If everything is fine, we define the price of each attracted client, which remains the same over the course of the entire campaign.

What kind of audience does your project aim to attract?

Our service focuses on marketing managers, employees of advertising agencies, HR manages, sales managers, business owners. However, what we do is attracting retail customers who purchase goods or services from our clients.

Why do you think your project will be in demand?

The CPA (Cost-per-action) model is one of the most transparent for advertisers. According to this scheme, an entrepreneur can see the exact number of clients and calculate the price for which he “obtained” them. As such, he could measure if they fit his goals and whether he would pay for them, or not.

What are your main achievements to the date?

Our company is self-sufficient. We successfully sell services of lead generation. Starting from 2018 we have been also offering our tracking platform called Scaleo in Russia. Sales of software are the new business direction for us.

What are the long-term plans? What goals do you set?

In the next 5 years, we want to make Scaleo the number one tracking platform in Russia, and bring CPAExchange to the international market as well.

In what directions are you developing your project right now?

Number one objective for any lead generation service is to make the CPA market more transparent, tell clients where the traffic originated from, and fight fraud.

How to get in touch with you?

Our website is our business card.

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