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Arbidex: A Crypto Trading Platform Uniting All Global Exchanges to a Single Account


Crypto trading has always been associated with high risks but that is changing drastically thanks to Arbidex, a trading platform that permits low risk in a fully automated arbitrage trading environment. What’s more; the outfit facilitates a seamless digital asset trading across multiple crypto exchanges spread across the world.

Cryptocurrency comes with a lot of attractiveness and advantages and Arbidex offers tools that the crypto goer demands, easy to use, low commissions and minimal risks. With the growing opportunities in the digital asset market, the platform offers the right tools to those keen on investing and trading in crypto.

Why Arbidex Platform

Arbidex is a solution provider and not a problem in itself. It has two main features; arbitrage and SWT and allows participants to trade on a single platform. Simply put; it connects different exchanges and simplifying the process through ab automatic trading protocol.

Started a year ago, the platform popularity has been amazing. As much as it is a big innovative breakthrough in the blockchain industry, it is also a huge milestone in making trading between exchanges seamless, fast and secure.

How Does Arbidex Work?

Arbidex seeks to break down the complexity associated with crypto trading and absorbing the risks associated with digital currencies. The ecosystem has a wallet for receiving, storing and sending digital funds whilst riding on blockchain.

The platform goes a step further by offering users passive income through Arbidex arbitrage. Just like the traditional banking system with a twist; you deposit funds with a weekly capitalization with 3-5% profits calculated on a monthly basis.

The platform accommodates both beginner an expert traders in their smart investment program. All you need is follow proven strategies of expert traders in the ecosystem. What’s more; the trading process is professionally conducted on the trading desk.

Arbidex Token Uses

Arbidex has a token going with the ABX ticker. This is a utility token that fuels the entire ecosystem. It allows users to access the arbitrage and discount commissions across all exchanges connected to the platform.

The token is also an enabler in accessing the ecosystems’ products and services. Early adopters stand a chance to benefit more as the community grows. ABX token holders have additional benefits compared to users using the platform as a gateway to trade with other connected exchanges.

Arbidex Target User Base

Unlike some exchange and arbitrage service providers, Arbidex targeted audience is anyone holding ant digital coin. Whether you are a professional trader or newbie, you can be part of the community.

With crypto hype headed south, users are looking for crypto trading solution providers of repute and Arbidex fits the bill. The platform demystifies the complex blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and presenting an easy to use interface for any crypto goer.

Arbidex Demand on the Rise

The unique Arbidex platform demand cannot be stopped; it adds freedom and profitability to the trader whilst simplifying how crypto trading is done. It is a gateway to trade with all major crypto exchanges across the globe. All you need is a single account and get the power to analyze all crypto pairings to identify ones that are profitable.

This is one gap that other crypto exchanges have overlooked for long.  The modern trader is looking for a trading platform that offers all round solutions in crypto trading and Arbidex has them covered. Already, over 12,000 users are onboard the platform and still counting.

Arbidex Milestones To-Date

Since hitting the crypto market a year ago, after a successful Token Sale that raised $16million and hitting 100% hard cap, Arbidex has achieved several milestones. This is a clear indication that the team behind the project has identified a gap in the crypto market.

With similar platform lacking any real-life use case, Cointelegraph recently named the platform as among leading service provider with “the best solutions to facilitate access to new digital assets”.

The launch of the MVP ahead of the token sale is another major milestone, this allowed use to have additional access to Arbidex tokens. However, the outfits community has been growing with 8 Telegram Channels in different languages which include the global channel, Chinese,  CIS Community, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German Community, Sri Lankan Community and the Turkish Community. The platform presence has also extended in to the Korean market with an official chat group on Kakao Tal and WeChat.

September last year saw a partnership with the Ethereum Industry Summit held in Hong Kong where a healthy discussion on how to work with global exchanges took place. A month later, ABX token was recognized and added to CoinMarketCap.

Arbidex Future Outlook

Arbidex future is poised to be bright; the platform seeks to develop go to market solution. Their product is professionally designed and focused on bringing together crypto traders to use a single account and have access to all global exchanges.

The platform is bringing maturity in the market and the user is set to benefit from the revolutionary system. The end goal is to provide a profitable and convenient way to trade crypto for all given that trades will attract the lowest commission rates.

At the moment, the project team is working on developing SWT interface which will enable all participating traders to trade seamlessly across all major exchanges using a single account. This cuts down on multiple accounts which exposes user to risks such as fraud and hacks.

How is it possible for the community to contact your project?

Arbidex has many social media accounts. Every user can contact Arbidex team via email, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.