Crypterium Team Reports High In-app Exchange Volumes, Prepares to Add Support for USDC

by Frederick Ives

Crypterium is the fast-developing cryptocurrency startup that is striving to connect traditional finances and innovative cryptocurrencies in its financial products. Lately, representative of Crypterium Chief Product Officer (CPO) Andrey Abramov and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Siranush Sharoyan shared all the major updates about the Crypterium application in the special Livestream. Check it below:

What is done

Recently, the development team has finished the redesign of Crypterium App, whick has taken two months to accomplish. The new interface provides smoother user experience by bringing four main use cases (top up, send, exchange and cash out) upfront, so user could have a quick access to the functions that matter the most. The new design is based on a principle of cross-feature consistency.

In the end of April, the Crypterium launched its own exchange service (Crypterium SX). As the startup representatives stated, the exchange volumes are already very high, and users are not only exchanging Bitcoin and Crypterium’s native token (CRPT), but all the available cryptocurrencies in the app. New coins will be added soon.

One of the major features that is in active phase of testing is the Crypterium’s Bitcoin card, which supports an account nominated in Bitcoin and other crypto yet acts as a regular debit card for purchases. You may see the real trial in this video:

While the card allows withdrawing funds, the team developed a new service dubbed Crypterium Cashouts, available in the app. It makes sending crypto easy: go into the app, select a balance, enter the card number, and amount you wish you withdraw.

“As a crypto holder myself, I’ve tried multiple services over the years, like Localbitcoins. In most cases, I ended up paying around 3 percent. Cashing out with Crypterium costs you only 1.5%. It is one of the most competitive rates in the market,” said Abramov.

Current withdrawal limit using Cashouts is $1000 per month, although the Crypterium plans to increase that number. Meanwhile, the Crypterium Card enables cashing out up to $60,000 per month.

What’s Coming Next?

Crypterium has chosen USDC to become a first stablecoin that is supported in its app. Explaining the reasons behind this decision, Crypterium representative underlined that the USDC is backed by U.S. dollars held in a special bank account. The coin itself is the result of a joint venture between Coinbase and Circle and one of the few fully regulated stablecoins in the market.

Along with adding USD Coin, Crypterium team rethinked the entire registration process, and now plans to release a much easier registration process in the next update.

Meanwhile, the market is recovering, so more people are showing interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the feature is not far from launching the feature of embedding the feature that lets buying tokens directly in the app using a debit or credit card. It will reportedly be ready by mid-June.

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