Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in Contemporary Technology


The modern world of employment is changing dramatically. With the advent and development of contemporary technology, the opportunity to pursue a career with high earning potential has never been better. We’re going to examine 10 of the highest paid jobs available in today’s markets, starting with cryptocurrency and blockchain. We offer these 10 highly paid jobs in reverse order. Take a look and make your decision.

Online Education (E-Learning)

A slight curveball, and a potentially debatable definition of a ‘job’ (at least in the traditional sense) – however, the online education sector has exploded in both total market capitalization and global reach. As a result, it’s possible to earn a sizeable freelance income from educational content creation. Websites such as udemy offer teachers and lecturers access to millions of online students, with the most successful courses earning their instructors well over £762,000 ($1,000,000), though it is applicable to successful course owners, not a hired personnel. Anyway, the ‘averagely’ successful courses can make over £40,000, with the range typically spanning from £20,000 to £70,000.

Lack of traditional job protection such as sick pay and paid holiday, as well as the cost of running a business have to be taken into consideration. Still, a sizable income for those interested!

Technology Sales Manager

Not a programmer or computer scientist? Don’t despair. It’s possible to match, if not surpass, some of the salaries listed in this article within the sales department of large technology companies. Responsibilities include traditional sales targets of wholesale software and hardware products, as well as generating new business leads and maintaining corporate and clients relationships.

The competitive environment of a technology sales associate brings salary remuneration of between £40-75,000 ($53-100,000). Working in a tech company will come with the usual host of holiday, on-site and salary perks.

Technical Project Manager

No matter the type of technological advancements,  project managers will almost always be required to help a company meet its target. The ability to communicate efficiently with employees across different disciplines,  as well as planning, setting and managing deadlines for various levels of company stakeholders create a very competitive salary environment. Average wages have stabilized around £60,000 ($78,000), with the usual slew of company benefits and the bonuses.

Full stack developer

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Just because cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is having its time in the sun doesn’t mean that the technology incumbents are going to roll over. Full stack (vertical) developer positions can be incredibly well remunerated and come with fantastic perks. Average salaries pivot around £88,000 ($116,000), with unconfirmed industry reports of senior full stack employees fetching over £762,000 ($1,000,000).

Free meals, laundry services, and on-site exercise facilities, as well as the usual unlimited holiday allowances and potential stock options, means that ’traditional’ developer opportunities are still very much alive and kicking.

Autonomous Vehicle Engineer

Although a niche job position, the exponential development of both machine learning and 21st century engineering have created an employment market deficit for driverless car engineers.  Similar to experienced computer scientists, these employees have to call upon significant and wide-ranging skill sets – including; deep knowledge of a various programming languages, high concept systems architecture, and a sensitive sympathy to mechanical engineering.

As a result, the salary expectations for such engineers are in the region of £152,000 ($200,000) to £303,000 ($400,000). Not bad if you like cars and computers!

Cryptocurrency analyst

Not far behind blockchain architects are the analysts. Instead of coding and node coefficient algorithms these researchers and data scientists spend their professional time studying and analyzing the fundamentals behind crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The median salary reflects the importance of this job type with junior positions starting at £40,000 to £50,000 ($65,415), with senior analyst positions fetching over £100,000 ($130,831). Whilst stock or digital asset options are less common, added perks such as unlimited vacation and remote work are often included.

DevOps Engineer

The software development methodology that combines software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) is in increasingly high demand. Salary levels, therefore, reflect the need for quality DevOps engineers, with experienced employee wages averaging £104,000 ($137,000). Whilst the traditional perks of working in, or for a tech company often accompany such a position, DevOps roles can often be found in more traditional-facing sectors.

Artificial intelligence developer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come on leaps and bounds ever since the mainstream proliferation of such virtual personal assistant services as Siri and Alexa. As such established tech companies are ploughing hundreds of millions of dollars into their continued development. Salaries start at £30,000 ($39,000)  but can reach well over £120,000 ($157,000) for a senior position. Expect similar tech company benefits and advantageous working conditions.

Blockchain security engineer

Much like blockchain architects, lead security engineers play a vital role in developing and helping to maintain a successful cryptocurrency network. As a result, the demand for quality employees reflects the importance of such work, with salaries and benefits reaching over £160,000 ($200,000). With the increased prevalence of mass-adopted blockchain networks expect the demand and therefore salary median to increase dramatically for these professionals.

Blockchain architect

You only need to have a brief look on job search websites in order to see the plethora of options available to computer scientists specializing in blockchain architecture. Despite the recent market downturn demand for qualified programmers and engineers with a track record of success has never been greater.

Taking inspiration from the internet tech Giants, these agile startups are offering huge incentives for people to leave the Googles and Facebooks behind. Starting salaries for a blockchain engineer begin at £90,000 ($117,788), with senior posts fetching up to £129,000 ($170,000). This does not include potentially enormous stock and digital asset options, which can eventually be worth millions (even billions) of dollars. Moreover, offers of unlimited vacation allowances, as well as flexible or remote working, means that landing a job as a blockchain architect can be incredibly rewarding.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The world of technology and associated employment sectors will continue to evolve and develop alongside technological innovation. It seems increasingly likely that the lines between previously unassociated forms of employment will continue to blur, with requirements for basic computer science knowledge only increasing.

Conclusions from the median salary data demonstrate the continued dominance of the Tech sector in offering substantial salary and bonus packages, guaranteeing businesses of all sizes and development stages the top tier of available talent. This precedent looks set to continue well into the long term.