New Career Path – Blockchain Course Hype Taking Universities by Storm


The introduction of blockchain as meat with mixed reactions. Many thought it is designed for the tech-savvy but things have changed and the entire technological jargon simplified for all to adopt. It was perceived just like a way of minting virtual currencies, more so, Bitcoin.

The demand for cryptocurrencies has seen a new trend in demand for blockchain experts. Universities are cashing in on the student demands for the courses and already, learning blockchain is a reality and the technological jargon has been broken down to simple concepts that student can grasp and embrace the technology as a way of life and a career path.

Ten years down the line, more people are seeing the technology as a way of solving real life problems and it has become a lifestyle. It has transitioned from a new “currency craze to a technology that has changed many sectors including finance, healthcare, logistics, insurance and supply chain management among others.

Blockchain Craze in Higher Learning Institutions

Blockchain holds huge potential to revolutionize virtually every industry. Learning institutions have seen the potential and have designed courses aimed at tapping into this potential. What’s more some major coins like Ripple through Ripple Investment are giving these institutions support to enable learners to study blockchain and make it part of their career choices.

According to a recent report by Coinbase, students are demanding for a piece of the pie in the digital ledger. Universities and technical colleges have taken the demand positively and added technology to their learning offerings.

Coinbase @coinbase:

Students from a range of majors are looking to learn about crypto and blockchain—and universities are rising to the challenge. Among top universities teaching the new technology: @UTAustin, @ucla, @UniversityofP, @Harvard, @JohnsHopkins. Full report here:

Out of the world’s top 50 universities, over 41% are offering at least one blockchain focused course. The student demand is opening up new avenues and according to the US News and World Report the trend is poised to rise

Blockchain Driven Careers on the Rise

A quick look at job boards and LinkedIn, the number of blockchain job adverts has been rising since 2017. Future thinking leaners are turning to these promising courses to position themselves for career prospects and the higher perks that these jobs come with.

The current trends are demand driven and given the amount of money tech consultants and engineers are taking home, it is only logical for the learning institutions to ensure their students benefit. While talking to Financial Times recently, the IBM Vice President in-charge of Blockchain Technologies, Jerry Cuomo said:

“It is on the high side of what a really talented consultant or software engineer can earn. “Demand is exceeding supply, so we are seeing shortages. It is up there with the cloud and artificial intelligence as a really hot area.”  He goes on to add, “This technology is not that complicated, if you are a coder who knows about cryptography then it is pretty simple.”