Trends and Opportunities of the Digital Economy in 2021


DAO Consensus Digital Projects Association has launched the Meetups in several Russian cities. The event is devoted to the topic of Trends and Opportunities of the Digital Economy in 2021.

The two-day programme in each city:

  • February, 23-24 – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • February, 25-26 – Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • February, 27-28 – Samara, Russa

DAO Consensus community leaders are going to share the most relevant information about the digital economy trends and investment opportunities.

During the first day the basics of the digital economy are presented, such as:

  • Smart contact technologies
    What is it and how to work with it to make a profit?
  • Market trends and dynamics
    What is waiting for the digital technology market in the near future?
  • Earning models
    How to find additional sources of income and attract investment in your business?
  • Digital tools
    What tools of the blockchain industry are most relevant in 2021?

The second day is full of practice, so that you could learn how to turn the knowledge into cash.

ALSO, lots of networking with people who are already making money in the blockchain industry.

Meetups in the Russian regions are becoming regular, so that the community is always aware of the latest trends and operates in the blockchain under the guidance of market leaders.