Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Forums to Attend, DAO Club Meetups

Monday Weekly: IEO Watchlist, Major Blockchain Forums to Attend, DAO Club Meetups


This week provides an opportunity to participate in a variety of IEOs and catch a breath before the hurricane of activities in the beginning or middle of May. Stay vigilant – in the fast-moving crypto world IEOs can be sold out in seconds, as could happen with the discounted price early bird tickets to major conferences.

Events: Consensus 2019 is On the Horizon, Blockchain Live Asia Has Left With Innovative Seeds

The major blockchain forum Consensus 2019 is already on the horizon (New York, 13-15). Right before the major event, on the May 12, New York will host more specialized event Tokenized Assets New York that will be dedicated particularly to the application of blockchain tech to the finance sector. On May 7-8 Singapore is hosting the 3rd annual Blockchain for Finance conference, where for example the representative of the major bank HSBC will share their internal blockchain team progress.

Another major Global Blockchain Summit Forum devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and related industries will be held in the Chinese city of Hangzhou on May 17. Last year, more than 1,500 professionals participated in the Global Blockchain Summit Forum, along with over 2 million online viewers.

This week DAO Club, during its Monday and Thursday meetups, will share the latest insight from the Blockchain Live Asia Conference 2019, invite representatives from Bitcoin Ox wallet, that among other things is frequently used for transfers between freelancers and employers.

IEOs: From Save Travels and Friday Entertainment to “Green” IEOs

This Wednesday the EXMARKETS launchpad is hosting the IEO of AirsaveCoin founded by Sarah Dales blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize the way people save for travel. Notably, the centralized version was already released on the Apple App Store in the middle of 2017, but the team is going for the decentralized one.

Friday seems a good time for Netflix and chill type of experiences. And so thinks the platform celebrating this Friday with the IEO of the MovieBloc project that promises to “decentralize the film industry in order to create an ecosystem that will provide transparent rewards for the role and contribution of the participants”.

Huobi Launchpad fans have to wait a bit more than a weak for the IEO of ThunderCore with its scalable blockchain solution, but the listing rules have already been released.

In the meantime, Bittrex exchange continue the IEO of the OCEAN protocol project – decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI, COINEAL launchpad is still hosting Cryptobuyer, that was the world’s first company to install a Crypto ATMs.

Some IEOs are closing this week, like the one of the decentralized ecosystem JURA or global farmers’ marketplace with food traceability in blockchain FARM 2 KITCHEN, that are happening on PROBIT exchange, the fastest growing exchange in Korea, according to their web page.

Another “green IEO” Terra Green, that is building a platform for efficient use of renewable energy, continue sales on LATOKEN, SistemKoin and EXMARKETS, where one can also find the ongoing sales of the first blockchain platform aiming into agro-industrial market AGRODEX or the team that is for renewable energy in mining VENUSENERGY.

Stay tuned and join DAO Club meetups to learn more about the latest IEO projects and upcoming events!