Ilya Churakov Spoke at CC Forum in Dubai


The founder of DAO Consensus Ilya Churakov spoke at the CC Forum in Dubai at the beginning of April.

On the second day of prime time, the speech gathered a full hall. Ilya spoke about a new era of digital banking with the massive introduction of financial services for sustainable development.

The audience was highly interested in DAO Wallet, which is noticeably different from anything on the market.

After the speech, many approached to meet the founder of the company and find out more information. People didn’t leave the DAO Consensus stand during all the evening and asked the company representatives a lot of questions.

More than 20 new partnerships with DAO Consensus were agreed during the evening. And at the end, Ilya presented one of the participants with a watch to memorize such a large-scale event as the SS Forum.

CC Forum is the world’s leading platform where world leaders have a unique opportunity to voice their opinions. It hosts public discussions and debates. With the help of such a brainstorming sessions, it makes possible to solve many of the global problems that society is facing today. CC Forum’s mission is to foster decisive action on fundamental human development issues.