DAO Consensus Meetup on Digital Banking Will Gather Market Leaders in Moscow


AO Consensus Community Meet-Up in Moscow on April 23rd at 17.00 Moscow time is a 3-hours-long live event, where leading market experts will tell us about the most up-to-date news and opportunities of digital banking. 

The Meet-Up will attract investors, entrepreneurs, project managers, start-up founders, DAO Consensus Community members and those who want to learn more about new opportunities in making money on the digital market.

Meet-Up Topics:

  • Digital Banking: Current State and Development Perspectives
  • Alternative Finances and “Unbanking” as a New Steady Trend
  • Advantages and Features of Crypto Wallets that you Didn’t Know About for Sure
  • The Main Problems of Digital Banking Law Regulation in Russia
  • What you Need to Know about the KYC Procedure and Why it is Necessary in the Cryptosphere

Meet-Up speakers: 

  • Ilya Churakov, Founder of DAO Consensus
  • Sergey Savich, business coach and coach of millionaires, professional in the field of commercial networks’ building. Member of the Board of Directors of DAO Consensus
  • Renat Mansurov, Member of the Board of Directors of DAO Consensus
  • Dmitry Makarov, Head of the Legal Department and Senior partner of the IT accelerator of DAO Consensus
  • Viktor Zhukov, CEO of DAO Consensus
  • Rafael Salakhov, Vice President, Commercial Director of DAO Consensus

There will be a live broadcast, you can participate virtually from all over the world. 

Meet-Up Emcee: Ivan Matorin.

At the same time, our off-line guests will be warmly welcomed at a welcome-zone with sparkling drinks, coffee-breaks and a friendly conversation in a relaxed environment. 

During Meet-Up there will be a teleconference among Consensus business clubs from nine cities in Russia. 

Don’t miss the event! 

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