Vyacheslav Nazarov, DAO Consensus Vice-President – Improve the Quality of Life of 1000+ People


We would like to introduce you to one of the founders, vice-president of DAO Consensus Vyacheslav Nazarov, who told about his life path and gave some advice to novice investors.

– What did you do before you plunged into the digital economy?

– Until 2019, I was engaged only in traditional business, there were many areas: a jewelry brand, a law firm, a personal blog as a hobby, but I constantly observed how unstable traditional business actually is.

This prompted me to get deeper into the learning of ways to earn money on the Internet, and so I got acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies. I am glad that I was not afraid to take a risk then.

– How did you manage to find stability and confidence in the future then? 

– I quickly started to get everything right after I saw the result… no, not my own, but the people who were following me – there was no way back. To date, I have several sources of online earnings that give me a stable income, but I consider DAO to be my main business.

I am convinced that blockchain technology is the future. In fact, the digital economy and its mechanics are very similar to the traditional one, but all the processes are based on the blockchain.

– That sounds inspiring. What about your immediate goals?

– Now my goal is to give a tool and improve the quality of life of 1000+ people.

– What would you recommend to novice investors and entrepreneurs?

– Go where it’s scary. Constantly develop, learn new information and look for new opportunities. This is necessary in order to stay up to date. And those people who keep up with the times always earn money. Today, the digital economy is the trend, so don’t miss your chance.


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