Updates in DAO Consensus Personal Accounts


DAO Consensus has made several updates on personal accounts.

It became much more user-friendly over the past 2 months:

  • Expanded server capacities
  • Recalculated the marketing plan
  • Connected to ApplePay payment system
  • Launched the SENS token exchange process
  • Implemented the transfer of tokens between users

Plans for the nearest future:

▪️ Access to new countries, add servers taking into account the local specifics of the region, the personal accounted are being translated into English, German and Spanish (firstly! But not only)
▪️ Transfer the optimally adjusted marketing plan to smart contracts
▪️ Connect a new payment system
▪️ Automate the process of payment of SENS tokens
▪️ And also transfer all transactional cycles to smart contracts

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