The meet-up with the DAO Consensus leaders in Kazan gathered a full house – the event attracted more than 500 people

by newconomy

On June 5, the biggest crypto party of June was held in Kazan,

with the top industry speakers, such as:

  • Ilya Churakov – founder of DAO Consensus, Co-founder of cryptobank Crypterium
  • Renat Mansurov – venture investor
  • Ruslan Khuzin – cryptomillionaire

The event caused an incredible full house: there were 5 times more guests than it had been expected. This indicates a strong public interest in the digital economy and its tools.

At the meeting, the experts shared information on the following issues:

  • What will happen to the crypto market in the coming year?
  • How to become a cryptobank shareholder?
  • What are the multiple growth tools available in the DeFi market?

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