Large teleconference with 13 cities of Russia

by newconomy

Ilya Churakov, the DAO Consensus founder, shared the latest company news on May 28 at a teleconference held with DAO Consensus clubs from 13 Russian cities.


Among the main news are the following:

* The DAO Consensus project has attracted the interest of the United Nations. At the moment, negotiations are underway in Dubai between the DAO leaders and some UN representatives

  • There was a correction in the market, which showed the demand for decentralized autonomous ecosystems, such as the DAO Consensus. In addition, during the correction, the main processes of our system were tested (DAO Wallet, trust management);


* More than 1,500 people have joined the DAO Consensus. Now there are more than 10,000 active members in the ecosystem;

  • The price of the SENS token has grown from $8 to $9!


* The smart contract is currently being tested on Binance. Very soon there will be the possibility of transparent and instant transactions;


* Our Accelerator project – SaveHamsters – has proved to be successful. In 2 days, the coin reached a capitalization of $ 12,000,000 on Binance. At the moment, the coin is held by 6,600 holders. The profitability reached 5,000%. The yield goes partly the DAO dividend fund;


* The DAO Charity foundation has been launched. May 7 – fund for WWII veterans assistance, May 21 – fund for Children’s Safety in Schools (Samara). On June 12, it is planned to launch the fund to help doctors who are fighting COVID-19. It is also planned to launch targeted assistance to the DAO members.


In addition to communicating with Ilya Churakov, the participants of the event in each of the cities were able to communicate live with experts and partners of DAO Consensus.

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