DAO Consensus Has Representatives in 23 Countries


The DAO Consensus representatives map has already spread in 23 countries, and their number is gradually growing. These are Russia, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the Netherlands, Argentina, Korea, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, Spain, England, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia and the United States.

The Dubai DAO Consensus Summit, held in March, was attended by representatives of 21 countries.

One of the company’s partners, Alexander Ramos @dalexrango, gathered a team of more than 200 people in such countries as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, and the Netherlands. In the near future, with the assistance of Alexander, DAO clubs will open in several cities in Latin America.⠀

Photo: Lina Serykh

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