More Than 2700 People Joined the DAO Consensus Meetup on Digital Banking Trends


The most terrific digital event of this month – the DAO Consensus Community Meetup took place on April, 23 in Moscow and was devoted to the New Era of Digital Banking, Trends and Perspectives topic. 

The offline event created a real buzz! The amount of people was overwhelming so that the offline registration had been closed 5 days before the start! Eventually, the live meeting was attended by 250 guests, apart from DAO Consensus leaders and staff. Together with those present offline, DAO Consensus community members from 9 Russian cities could participate in a live teleconference. More than 2500 viewers took part in the online-meeting.

Needless to say, thanks to our presenter Ivan Matorin and DAO Consensus leaders, the event was highly emotional and impressive! However, our speakers gave the audience not only a boost of motivation and excitement, but shared valuable information, concerning the latest trends in digital economy, financial instruments and legal issues.

The best experts, the coolest speakers gave their speeches on the most relevant digital topics:

  • Digital banking: conditions and prospects of development
  • Alternative finances and unbanking as a new trend 
  • The main problems of digital banking legal regulations in Russia
  • Financial technologies and traditional banks transformation 

Moreover, the DAO Consensus founder Ilya Churakov told us about the latest breaking news, which has eventually affected the whole digital community. The price of SENS token has reached 8 dollars!

There was one more breaking news! The participants who forecast the increase in price for Bitcoin by the end of the meeting won and shared a $5000 payoff! A great example how to make money on volatility of cryptos.

In the end, Vyacheslav Nazarov presented  the most successful DAO Consensus partners with valuable gifts, such as notebooks MacBook Pro Max, mobile phones Iphone 12, earphones AirPods and some more.

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