Brave Ads Met With Skepticism: BAT Tokens Are Not For Everyone?


Brave has finally launched its much-awaited system to reward users for interacting with ads on the platform. Although Brave does not generally support ads although it has maintained that the browser is hoisted to do more than just block ads; reward those who interact with ads and content publishers.

Brave Ads And BAT Token

Brave Ads is the platform’s way of working towards this goal. With the ad program, Brave has indicated that 70 percent of the revenue generated will be given back to those who interact with the ads. The platform already has its own token, Basic Attention Token (BAT) which it will use to reward users on a monthly basis. Brave has plans to enable the tokens accumulated to be spent e.g through hotel vouchers, etc.

It’s now close to four months since Brave started testing the ad system which it indicated 40 percent of the platform’s users have opted in. Most of Brave’s users are attracted by the ad-free browsing experience. The new ad system requires users to explicitly opt-in.

Although the amount of BAT users accumulate is not worth much, Brave’s CEO noted that most users prefer to keep the tokens and use them to give back which is the driving force behind the ad system.

According to a Reddit post, Brave noted “ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing history behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves your Browser.”

Redditors who have joined Brave Ads were quick to point out that the system is locking advertisements geographically. When trying to view ads, and earn BAT, some users were met with messages like “sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.”

Some lamented that with the internet making the world a global village, ads should be shown to everyone on the platform. “I feel that the internet should not have borders,” a Redditor noted.

The Internet Doesn’t Have Boundaries, Ads Do

While this, to some degree, should be the case, the internet by itself does not impose any boundaries. Instead, those placing ads on Brave specify parameters such as region, age, gender, etc. Anyway, “a U.S washing detergent ad is pretty pointless if it’s being shown to people in Nigeria,” noted Cryptoforgood, a Redditor, in response to why the ads have geographical boundaries.

Most of those responding to this latest development were blaming advertisers for imposing boundaries. Even so, others had varying views. They argue that the reason there are some regions not yet receiving ads is because of these restrictive regulations.

A VPN Is The Solution

To circumvent the boundaries, others recommended the use of virtual private networks (VPNs). A VPN gives its user the ability to hide their real location and choose a virtual location.

Brave has a BAT wallet hosted by Uphold, a crypto exchange, for free. For businesses, running ads on the Brave browser may be the solution to reaching the target audience since the engagement is consensual. The browser itself is “built to remain consensual.”