Blockstream: Introducing Liquid Core

Blockstream: Introducing Liquid Core


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Blockstream, founded in 2014 by key Bitcoin contributors and renowned cryptographer Dr. Adam Back to create the financial infrastructure of the future, has just announced the release of Liquid Core – a ‘new multiplatform desktop wallet for transacting Liquid bitcoin (L-BTC).’

The Gateway to Fast, Private Bitcoin Transactions

Providing power users with a friendly alternative to the command line required to operate liquidd and liquid-cli; Liquid Core gives traders the necessary tools in order to deposit and withdraw L-TBC from supporting exchanges. Users are also able to transact between each other (P2P) without the need for an intermediary.

When transacted on the liquid network, L-BTC is fully settled in two minutes. Confidential Transactions are enabled by default, hiding details such as asset types and amounts from third parties. This creates a more private settlement layer when compared to Bitcoin’s public ledger.

Early Issued Asset Support

Liquid Core has ‘early support for Issued Assets out of the box too–send, receive, and manage multiple Issued Asset balances all from the same Liquid UI.’ The issuance of new assets can, therefore, be performed through the embedded console. Peg-ins and asset issuance will also be available directly within the client UI in the future.

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Connecting the World, One Block at a Time

News of Blockstream’s Liquid Core launch coincides with the company’s efforts to broadcast Bitcoin’s blockchain via satellite ‘around the world 24/7 for free, protecting against network interruptions and providing anyone in the world with the opportunity to use Bitcoin.’ Their aim is to reduce Bitcoin’s dependency on internet access, allowing everyone in the world the opportunity to access and use Bitcoin.

Impressively satellite coverage reaches all major continents, with people able to receive blocks at no cost. Network stability is also is assured through consistent broadcasting from ‘teleports’ – Blockstream Satellite ground stations.


With core values of ‘permissionless innovation’, ‘don’t trust, verify’ and ‘open finance for everyone’, as well as the team’s enviable talents, the development efforts and achievements of Blockstream to support the viability of the Bitcoin network certainly seems to be in good hands.