'Blockchain City' Being Built In Malaysia

‘Blockchain City’ Being Built In Malaysia


Ever wanted to live in cryptocurrency utopia? Fed up of corrupt government fiat? Well, search no more – BLOCKCHAIN city, a Malaysian development backed by the Chinese, is looking to transform 835 acres of the Malaysia city – Malacca – into the ‘tourist blockchain destination of the future’.

Melaka Straits City

The futuristic city development will be called ‘Melaka Straits City’. All residents and visitors will have to use blockchain technology, in the form of the DMI token, if they wish to use any public services. Lim Keng Kai, an official representative of Melaka Straits City, has given details of the DMI platform and coin that will underpin public infrastructure.

DMI – a company which provides business intelligence, mobile enterprise and cyber security services – has collaborated with the Chinese/Malaysian project. Both residents and visitors will be able to exchange their local fiat currencies for the DMI platform coins. Further clarification of exactly how the blockchain-utopia would function was given in statement from Kai:

‘The DMI web application will be available on PC and the mobile applications will run on Android and iOS devices to provide flexibility regardless of the preference of the individuals.’

The financial backers behind the project are serious, and are aiming to make it the most popular tourist destination in Malaysia, with over three million visitors a year.

Malacca City is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Malacca

Floating Crypto Seascapes

Concepts surrounding crypto-utopias aren’t anything new. Floating islands, space colonies, even intergalactic currency transmission. All of these ideas united by the desire for citizens to free themselves of the perceived restraints of overbearing governments. For example, Blue Frontier – a ‘floating island project’, looked to become an independent sea state, complete with its own governance and digital currency. Rumors of a memorandum with French Polynesia never came to fruition.

However, the idea of micro-independent-communities, able to ‘sail off’ when tired of their neighbours; economically connected but also free from the shackles of fiat economic policies, seems to have stuck. Whether such a community and project is viable in today’s ever-shrinking world remains the most prominent question. Space on the other hand? Certainly more room.