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Together we are NEWconomy

NEWconomy is a fresh perspective on the future of money. We’re pursuing a holistic approach that looks towards a new economy that is never only made up of one currency. Newconomy comprises a continuum of past, present, and future.

NEWconomy isn’t just news, it’s a site driven by its community and the tech, business, and financial industries. We want to partner with you every step of the way to guide us in the news we cover and the content we produce. Once you become a member of the NEWconomy community, your experience will be tailored to help you become a better investor, a more effective entrepreneur, or help you find a career in the new economy.

We’ll introduce you to the most interesting and important people and personalities in the industry, keep you apprised of what’s happening and who to trust in the world of Token sales, ICOs and IPOs, and guide you, arm in arm, through the minefield of fraud and obfuscation that makes up both the traditional and crypto economy.

We’re not simply a crypto and blockchain site, we’re not limiting ourselves to fintech, Token sales, ICOs, exchanges, valuations, or the price of a Bitcoin down to the Satoshi, we want to walk into the future with you to explore, understand, and predict the future of money, the future of Bitcoin, the future of blockchain, the future of altcoins, and the future of business.

Even before you, our community, really begin steering NEWconomy where you want to go, we’re putting together interviews with industry experts, the who, what, when, where, why, and how of global events and conferences that highlight the new economy in the form of new technology, business disruption, distributed banking, financial innovations, crypto, blockchain, and the future of government, countries, and the world. Together we are NEWconomy.